Ruger, tuned in to the fact that as many as 7 million new first-time gun owners joined the firearms community in 2020, has released a series of easily-consumable safety and etiquette videos. 

As part of the company's Fundamentals of Firearms Ownership series, Ruger has been quietly adding short, under 5-minute, videos to YouTube covering the basic gun safety rules, safe storage of firearms, and tips to make those first trips to the range easier. 

"Luckily learning to shoot can be an awful lot of fun but brings responsibly with it," said Ruger's Mark Gurney in an introduction to the series, going on to caution that "these videos won't tell you everything you need to know-- you should still read the manual that came with your gun, you should still seek out professional instruction -- but by getting started with the fundamentals, we can help keep you, and those around you, safe." 

Check out this video on safety rules.


Followed by this one on safe firearms storage. 


Range etiquette. 


And range safety equipment. 


Be safe out there, and welcome to the gun community!

Banner photo provided by Ruger. 

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