Law enforcement leaders in the nation's second-largest city are sounding the alarm over planned cuts that could see the Los Angeles Police Department shed over 1,600 jobs including 951 officers. 

City Administrative Officer Richard Llewellyn last week released a recommendation to trim almost 1,900 jobs across the City of Angels including 1,679 positions at the LAPD. The move would save $51 million in a city facing a $600 million budget deficit. 

"These envisioned staffing reductions would devastate our ability to provide basic public safety, requiring the closure of local stations and jails, the reduction and elimination of services, and ultimately it would jeopardize the reforms and gains achieved in public safety over the last two decades," said LAPD Chief Michel Moore in a statement on Saturday.

The move comes after the agency, the third-largest municipal police department in the country, had to reduce 500 personnel already this year to meet a $151 million cut implemented by the City Council as part of Mayor Eric Garcetti's response to a "defund the police" movement in June. 

"I want to take this time to acknowledge Black Lives Matter L.A. organizers and others for keeping our feet to the fire and demanding more from our government,'' Councilman Curren Price said after the Council voted 12-2 to approve the earlier cuts. "The conversations that we've been having today from reducing the LAPD budget and reallocating the money for social services to changing policing policies would not happen if it hadn't been for their efforts.

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