Savage is racing out of the gate in 2021 with a new shotgun designed for people who want to go Ricky Bobby fast. The Savage Renegauge Competition was built for the sole purpose of going fast and shooting a lot. The extended mag tube holds nine shells of 12 gauge. Top that off and you have a 10-round shotgun that weighs in at 8.2 pounds. 

The 24-inch carbon steel barrel helps cut down on weight. That barrel is topped with a high vented rib that is finished at the end with a HIVIZ TriComp front sight. At the end of the barrel, you’ll also find an extended skeet 2, light modified choke. 

The red and black color scheme pair nicely with the other racing features. (Photo: Savage)

This gun comes with oversized controls and features, including the loading magazine port, charging handle, and bolt release. Like its hunting predecessor, the new competition model benefits from Savage’s patented DRIV gas system. We were impressed with this system in our prior testing for its ability to feed on any ammo and keep chugging. The new competition-ready model will surely benefit.

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The Renegauge already benefitted from the ability to be highly customized. Everything from length of pull, comb height, and drop of cast can be adjusted to fit. This model has the receiver, mag tube, and extended choke cerakoted with Corvette red. The stock, forend, and barrel are all black. This just makes it look fast. You should see the new model dropping in March 2021 with an MSRP of $1,959.


New Chamberings for Savage Rifles


Savage is always at the forefront of getting new rifles chambered for the latest and greatest ammo. The hot new round in 2020 was the 6mm ARC, and this year Savage has rolled out new offerings for this chambering. You’ll be able to find the 110 Tactical with an 18-inch barrel for an MSRP of $799, while the Savage Axis with its 22-inch barrel will come in at an MSRP of $429.

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While 28 Nosler isn’t as new as the 6mm ARC counterpart, that didn’t stop Savage from bringing offerings to the table. You’ll be able to find three new variations of their 110 line offered in 28 Nosler. The 110 Timberland, Long Range Hunter, and High Country will all get this new chambering with an MSRP starting at $1,165.

revolver barrel loading graphic