Benelli this week unveiled a host of additions to the company's popular ETHOS and Super Black Eagle 3 shotgun lines as well as caliber expansions for its Lupo bolt-action rifles. 

Set to make sportsmen happy in 2021, Benelli revealed a variety of 3-inch 12-gauges along with 3-inch 20-gauge Super Black Eagle shotguns. Their new, lightweight ETHOS Supersport will also boast 12-gauge, 20-gauge, and 28-gauge offerings. The Lupo series, meanwhile, will add new rifles in 6.5 Creedmoor, .308 Win., and .243 Win. 

Super Black Eagle 3


“For three decades, the Super Black Eagle platform has dominated the semi-auto waterfowl market as a 3.5-inch 12-gauge shotgun,” said Tim Joseph, vice president of brand marketing for Benelli USA. “We’ve applied all of the Super Black Eagle 3 enhanced updates and ergonomics to 3-inch 20-gauge and 3-inch 12-gauge models for 2021. We know the 20-gauge, in particular, will be a welcome addition for hunters who want the feature sets of an SBE3 but prefer a lighter gauge as well as for waterfowlers who are hunting areas that mandate the use of sub-gauge shotguns.”

The new 3-inch SBE3 shotguns are available in Black synthetic, Realtree MAX-5, GORE OPTIFADE Timber, and Mossy Oak Bottomland camo patterns in both the 12-gauge and 20-gauge chamberings. They will include both 26- and 28-inch barrel lengths. Running down the spec sheet, this results in an overall length of between 47.5 and 49.5 inches and a weight, depending on the model, of between 5.8 and 6.9 pounds. 

All models have a fiber-optic red-bar front sight with a length of pull of 14-3/8 inches.  (Photo: Benelli) 

MSRP on the Benelli Super Black Eagle 3 series shotguns is set between $1,699 and $1,799, depending on model and finish.

ETHOS Supersport


Based on its ETHOS sport model shotgun, Benelli's new ETHOS Supersport uses a lightweight, weather-resistant carbon-fiber finish on what the company bills as a high-performance clay or competition scattergun with minimal recoil.

Standard with Benelli's Inertia-Driven system and extended Crio chokes that deliver uniform patterns downrange, the ETHOS Supersport also has a Shell View system for users to quickly see how many hulls they have left on tap.  

Offered in 12, 20, and 28-gauge formats, the semi-auto ETHOS Supersport has a 3-inch chamber. Barrel lengths run 28 and 30 inches, yielding an overall length of 49.5 to 51.5 inches. Weight, with the carbon fiber stock and forend, runs between 5.4 and 7 pounds. All the guns have a fiber-optic front sight with a mid-barrel bead and a length of pull of 14-3/8 inches with drop and cast shims that allow adjustments to fit the individual user.

The nickel-plated receiver and forend, paired with the carbon-fiber finish, give the Benelli ETHOS Supersport a distinctive look. (Photo: Benelli)

MSRP on the Benelli ETHOS Supersport is $2,299.



In 2020, Benelli introduced the world to the Lupo, the Italian word for wolf, the company's first crack at the bolt-action centerfire hunting rifle market. The lightweight chassis-style production rifle, with a hybrid receiver and free-floating barrel, was at the time just offered in .30-06 Springfield, .300 Win. Mag., and .270 Win. Benelli is expanding that in 2021 to include 6.5 Creedmoor, .308 Win., and .243 Win.

The Lupo uses a separate stock, receiver, and forend that allows the user to customize their rifle to one of 12 drop-and-cast positions with the included shims, a factor that can be expanded to 36 positions with optional combs. With a double-stack mag, short bolt throw, and threaded muzzle, the Benelli also comes standard with a user-adjustable trigger that can be tuned from 2.2 to 4.4 pounds. Magazine capacity is 5+1 in most cases, with .300 Win Mag guns dropping to 4+1.

Billed as having sub-MOA accuracy, superb ergonomics, patented adjustability, and unprecedented recoil reduction, Benelli's Lupo rifle system is now offered in six common hunting calibers. (Photo: Benelli)

MSRP on the Benelli Lupo rifle series is $1,699.

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