Franchi is working hard to expand its sporting rifle and shotgun line in 2021 with new caliber options as well as specialized guns for varmint and upland game hunters. 

We have the rundown, below. 

Instinct LX 28 Ga


In a treat for upland game hunters who are looking for a beautiful yet functional 28-gauge over-under, Franchi is adding one to its Instinct LX series of shotguns. Using what the company bills as "Italian craftsmanship and American styling," the new Franchi has an AA-grade satin walnut Prince of Wales stock with a Schnabel-style forend and rounded pommel with cut checkering. The receiver is case color hardened with gold inlays and the 28-inch gloss blued barrels. Overall length is 46.25 inches while weight is 6 pounds, flat. 

The Franchi Instinct LX 28 Ga has a red fiber-optic front bead and includes IC, M, and F chokes. (Photo: Franchi)

MSRP on the Instinct LX 28 gauge is $1,799.

Instinct SLX 28 Ga


For those who find the Instinct LX on the pedestrian side of the double gun game, Franchi's heirloom-quality SLX series of over-unders are a little more on the top-shelf side. As with the LX this year, the company is adding a 28-gauge installment to this deluxe shotgun line as well. Besides the elegant furniture, the SLX uses an engraved aluminum alloy receiver to trim the weight down to a downright slender and elegant 5.2 pounds while keeping 28-inch gloss blued barrels. 

With gold inlays, a gold trigger, and checkered AA-grade walnut Prince of Wales stock, the Franchi SLX is ready to turn heads and is now offered in mild-shooting 28 gauge. (Photo: Franchi)

MSRP on the Franchi Instinct SLX 28 is $2,099.

Momentum Elite Varmints

Franchi is growing its Momentum Elite series of centerfire bolt guns to include a line in popular varmint calibers. The new models, which all feature an all-new Sitka Optifade Subalpine camouflaged stock designed specifically for varmint hunting, are chambered in .223 Rem., .22-250 Rem. and .224 Valkyrie. All include an adjustable RELIA trigger that can be tuned from 2 to 4 pounds and carry a free-floating heavy, spiral-fluted/threaded barrel. 

Using either a 3-4 shot flush mag or 7-8 shot extended mag, the Franchi Momentum Varmints are offered in .223 Rem. (1:9 RH twist), .22-250 Rem. (1:12 RH), and .224 Valkyrie (1:7 RH).

MSRP on the new Franchi Momentum Varmint rifles is $999.

Momentum .350 Legend

Besides the addition of a list of varmint-caliber rifles to its Momentum series rifles, Franchi is also introducing a new .350 Legend offering for 2021. Ideal for sportsmen who live in states whose hunting regulations allow straight-walled centerfire cartridges such as the .350, the new rifle comes with a 24-inch free-floating threaded barrel and a stock in Flat Dark Earth. Other features include a user-adjustable trigger and a spiral-fluted bolt both with a 60-degree throw. Overall length is 44.25 inches while weight is 7.1 pounds. 

Using a 24-inch barrel, the Franchi Momentum in .350 Legend has a 1:16 RH twist and 4+1 magazine capacity. 

MSRP on the new Franchi Momentum in .350 is $609.

Momentum Elite Optifade

Another expansion in Franchi's bolt-action rifle series is bringing new caliber and camo options to its Momentum Elite line. The new scheme is Sitka's Optifade Elevation II, while fresh calibers added to the catalog are .350 Legend, .300 Win. Mag, and 6.5 PRC. These join offerings in 6.5 Creedmoor and .308 Win, which will continue to be offered in both the new camo pattern and the legacy True Timber Strata and Realtree EXCAPE schemes. 

Sitka's Optifade Elevation II camo pattern, as well as .350 Legend, .300 Win Mag, and 6.5 PRC caliber additions are new to the Franchi Momentum Elite this year. 

MSRP on the Franchi Momentum Elite is $899.

Turkey Guns

The Franchi Affinity line of shotguns is expanding to include options for turkey hunters in a 3.5-inch 12 gauge and 3-inch 20 gauge. The new Affinity Turkey shotguns feature Mossy Oak Bottomland camo and extended Turkey and Turkey XF chokes. Sights include an adjustable rear and hooded fiber-optic front. Barrel length is 24 inches to produce a handy shotgun that runs 40 inches overall.

Weight runs between 6.7 and 7.5 pounds depending on the model on the new Franchi Affinity turkey guns. (Photo: Franchi)

MSRP on the Franchi Affinity Turkey shotguns is $1,129 on the 12 gauge and $959 on the 20.

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