Stoeger has several new guns inbound for this year, including a shotgun for serious snow goose hunters, an affordable over-under, and an optics/suppressor-ready combat pistol. 

Snow Goose Shotgun

By updating the company's M3500 Waterfowl Special shotgun with the 922R-compliant extended magazine tube and applying some other tweaks such as an oversized bolt handle and bolt-release button then coating it all in a distressed white Cerakote finish, Stoeger has introduced the very cool-looking M3500 Snow Goose. The 28-inch barrel has a full-length vented rib with a red-bar front sight. With a 3.5-inch chamber to accommodate those big anti-aircraft loads, the shotgun fit for a Snowtrooper has a 10+1 capacity. A dependable Inertia-Driven action is ready for the woods. 

Weight is 8.2 pounds on the Snow Goose, with the 12 gauge's 28-inch barrel translating to a shotgun that runs 50 inches overall in length. (Photo: Stoeger)

With a range of five (IC/M/XFT/Close Range/Mid-Range) extended choke tubes and a paracord sling, MSRP on the M3500 Snow Goose is $899.

Synthetic Condor

Pitched as a dual-purpose shotgun for both the shooting line and the field at an affordable price, the Stoeger Condor Field over-under 12 gauge is now being marketed in a sub-$400 model with synthetic furniture. 

“The future of shooting and hunting relies on getting new shooters into the field or clays course,” said Tim Joseph, vice president of Brand Marketing for Stoeger. “One of the main reasons people forego taking on one of these hobbies is the associated costs. The Condor Field in synthetic delivers high performance offered by the over-and-under platform at a price that is soft on the wallet."

The quick shooter comes with screw-in modified and improved cylinder chokes and has a brass bead front sight at the end of a raised rib. It will accommodate 2.75- and 3-inch shells.  

With 28-inch barrels, this OAU runs 44-inches overall and is a handy 7.3 pounds. (Photo: Stoeger)

MSRP on the synthetic Stoeger Condor Field is $349, which is a good hundo less than the standard wood-stocked version.

STR-9S Pistol

In 2019, Stoeger introduced its new STR-9 pistol, an inexpensive ($329) 15+1 striker-fired polymer-framed 9mm. For 2021, the company is doubling down on the pistol line with the new STR-9S, which has a bunch of additional features right out of the box. 

"The pistol combines high suppressor sights, threaded barrel, flared magwell, optics-ready slide, three backstraps, and three magazines, producing an all-around solution for everyday carry, home defense, or fun at the range," says Stoeger in a statement. 

The STR-9S has a 4.17-inch barrel for a 7.44-inch overall length and a 25-ounce unloaded weight. (Photo: Stoeger)

The new Stoeger pistol ships with installed drift-adjustable raised fiber-optic sights and four optics plates for the most popular red dots. It comes with either 20- or 10-round mags depending on how your state likes to party. MSRP is $549.