Beretta announced this week that it has acquired the renowned bespoke London gunmaker Holland & Holland, a company with 186 years of history behind it. 

"One of the most iconic gunmakers in the World, this company is steeped in history and represents the pinnacle of handmade premium firearms," said Beretta of the acquisition. "To become custodians of this famous name is an enormous honor and bears a huge responsibility, as we wish to preserve its precious heritage and dedication to skilled craftsmanship."

Holland & Holland was founded in 1835 and specialized in custom big game double rifles and sporting SXS and O/U shotguns, typically crafted after a fitting with the user. In that vein, the company introduced over a dozen dangerous game calibers to the market including the .300, .375, .400, and .465 H&H Magnums. It is not uncommon for a hand-built Holland & Holland firearm to cost upwards of $100,000 and the gunmaker currently holds two royal warrants

In America, besides vintage and often highly collectible guns on the secondary market, Holland & Holland maintains a gunroom in Dallas. Similarly, Beretta also has a Gallery in Dallas. 

Check out the highlight reel below of how a Holland & Holland gun is created. 


Banner photo: Holland & Holland. 

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