Designed for defensive use, Winchester has four new Silvertip ammo loads ready for this year in popular calibers to include three centerfire and one rimfire offerings. 

Developed to yield maximum terminal ballistics, the new centerfire Silvertips include a 64-grain .223 Rem, as well as 150-grain .300 Blackout and .308 Win loads, all with a Defense Tip bullet. The large diameter polymer tip aids in expansion as well as what Winchester describes as "massive stopping power for defense situations" for the alloyed lead cored-bullet with a corrosion-resistant and reliably feeding nickel-plated jacket.  

Chart: Winchester

The new rimfire offering is a 37-grain .22LR with a plated hollow-point bullet that is segmented to break apart into three pieces on impact, delivering what the company says is maximum energy transfer. Optimized for handguns, Winchester says the new .22LR Silvertip provides 12 inches of penetration in tests out of short (3.5-inch) barrels. 
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revolver barrel loading graphic