Arizona homeowners reportedly trying to do some landscaping instead unearthed a bag with some interesting hardware inside. 

The Phoenix Police Department on Tuesday afternoon posted images of the find to social media, saying the homeowners were "digging a hole for a tree when they dug up more than they asked for! They found a duffle bag with rusted rifles and handguns inside. They called #PHXPD and gave them to detectives, who will investigate if these firearms were used in any crimes."

(Photo: Phoenix Police Department)

The M4 style firearm looks very close to being a Colt 933, which is a fairly rare carbine the company marketed to LE and military users in the 1990s – and in itself was very similar to the classic Colt 733 of "Heat" fame. Even if it is just a clone, it still seems to be an SBR at least. 

The other rifle is a side-folding Galil while the pistols look to be a Micro UZI and a MAC series handgun. 

Want to take a bet on if they still work? We'd put money on the Galil unless it is a funky rebuild. 

Keep in mind that guns left to the arid environment of the Southwest often hold up remarkably well. A case in point is the famous "Forgotten Winchester" discovered in 2014 leaning against a juniper tree in Nevada's Great Basin National Park. The ammunition in the rifle dated to the 1887-1911 time frame.

Either way, we predict a rash of people wanting to landscape in Phoenix. 

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