Never expect to buy the sketchy ideas that made it off the drawing board in the gun community every April 1st. We are here to cover some of the more entertaining examples. 

Sure, there were lots of rehashed memes that always circulate on social media on April Fool's Day, such as HK finally making a commercial MP7, Glock making an M1911, and the HK GP11 "Kraut Space Gun" actually entering production – all of which you can hold your breath on. 

Speaking of space...


Both CZ and Hi-Point released announcements on social media that the newly-formed U.S. Space Force will be lifting off with their products, the CZ BREN 2 SC (Space Cannon) and a version of the 995 Carbine, respectively. 

"With our straight blow-back action and spring assisted stock, our carbine is perfect for low-G to zero-G environments," says Hi-Point. 

In similar thinking, Mike at Garand Thumb doubled down this year on his epic video from last April on the MA37 Individual Combat Weapon System of Halo fame with a 20-minute deep dive on the MA5C from the same universe. 


Ammo Follies

Falling back to Earth, the subject of the "Great Ammo Shortage" was a popular one for April Foolery. GUNS magazine ran an article, penned by the infamous Alan Smithee, chalking up the drought to "famed television host and entrepreneur Martha Stewart" who had been secretly hoarding ammo and components to drive up prices. "According to the person with knowledge of the plan, Stewart, 80, hatched the plot while eating special brownies baked by her friend and confidant, Snoop Dogg,"  said the piece. 

Sister publication American Handgunner ran a piece on a gun that isn't suffering from the ammo pinch, the staple gun. "Crafted from the finest Chinese steel and slave labor, the Modern Sporting Stapler (MSS), offers great ergonomics, high velocity, and reliability you can depend on in a self-defense stapler," said the publication. 

Further poking the ammo bear, Hornaday made a tongue-in-cheek video detailing their recent conversion to just making branded Tees rather than delivering that sweet, sweet brass to the market. 


The GDC Contribution

Our mailing list subscribers saw an email blast that touted well-armed pets, which are always handy. 

That's so Gary. 

More videos!

While probably not intended as an April Fool installment, John on the Hickok45 channel delivered a great video on April 1 stacking up the Glock 18 against the Mini Uzi, spending a good bit of it going cyclic. This tracks 365 days a year. 

The fun folks at Pew Pew Tactical delivered some top-notch trolling of the Reddit EDC community with a side-splitting send-up of the latest version of the Grey Man. See if you start to recognize yourself or others and adjust accordingly. 


Question 21e?

Finally, in (ir)regulatory news, The Firearm Blog teased that the ATF is going to drop the 420 question on Form 4473, one that gets increasingly more comical in a time when 36 states have approved at least some sort of legal cannabis use. Sadly, with the Biden administration going all Reefer Madness in recent days, you can probably hang this one up. 

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