The month of May brought in a new wave of gun control possibilities with the nomination of ATF Director David Chipman, even as guns continue to fly off the shelves in record numbers. Not to look a gift horse in the mouth, but wanted to share with our readers the top selling guns from our site in the month of May. Top sellers are often where new buyers start their journey into firearms, not to mention the fact that they are a good gauge because they tend to reliably sell. Without further ado, here are the top sellers in each category for

Top 5 Selling Pistols

Without question we sell more polymer-framed pistols than any other type of gun. The king of the hill is Glock, no surprises there either. The big shocker on this list is the Taurus G2C, because while the G3C is newer and there are plenty in stock, buyers still are checking out the older model. Even so, the G3C narrowly missed this list and gets an honorable mention for landing at the No. 6 spot. 

Top 5 Selling Rifles

The rifle category was dominated by tactical rifles, namely AR-patterned rifles. You can probably thank the Biden administration for that sweet push in sales. The big surprise on this list is the Henry AR-7 survival rifle. The little .22 LR rifle has proven to be versatile and people like them for small game hunting or as the ultimate bug-out rifle. Either way, it’s nice to see it ranking among its bigger 5.56 patterned brothers. 

Top 5 Selling Shotguns

Tactical and home defense is the name of the game once again for the shotgun category. Mossberg, like Glock in the handgun category, dominates the field. While some people may turn their nose up at the 590 Shockwave, and while it's technically not even considered a shotgun, it’s proven to be a big seller showing there is consumer demand for a wieldy and compact shotgun for defensive purposes. The surprise on this list comes at the end with a 5th place tie between the Henry Axe and the Mossberg 590M. Henry has made a fun lever action to shoot, and the market is responding.