Florida-based Diamondback Firearms this week announced it is expanding the DBX 57 large format pistol line to include a model in dark grey. 

Introduced early last year, the DBX uses an adjustable dual gas piston action with a stainless steel 8-inch threaded barrel that ends in the company's DBX series muzzle device. Using receivers crafted from 7075 aluminum and an M-LOK-compatible 6061 aluminum handguard, the gun is light, coming in at the 3-pound mark right out of the box. Overall length, sans any accessories, is 15.25 inches with a height of 7.3 inches. 

Diamondback DBX 5.7 pistol in dark grey being held by a sweaty man wearing gloves in a jungle setting, possibly Florida
The new dark grey option is a switch up from the pistol's initial all-black offering. (Photo: Diamondback)


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We went 1,000 rounds with a DBX in the past year and found it to be both an innovative design and lots of fun on the range. 

Billed as a "truck gun" by Diamondback, the DBX, when fitted with an SB Tactical TF1913 stabilizing brace, the overall length, when extended grows to 24 inches. With the brace, a Sig Sauer Romeo5 red dot, and a loaded 20-round mag with a 21st "in the pipe," weight is just 4.4 pounds. (Photo: Chris Eger/Guns.com)



revolver barrel loading graphic