Father’s Day is right around the corner and that means we all need to find something for dad quick. Sometimes all dad needs is a little R&R and trigger therapy at the range. To that extent we have compiled a list of items under $100 for dad which will be sure to leave him smiling while getting that much needed R&R. Check out the best budget buys for dad below.


G17 poking through target
A simple, caring, and very affordable gift is a roll of targets and picking up the tab at the range. (Photo: Paul Peterson/Guns.com)

Targets are probably the most practical, not to mention most affordable, gift you can get for dad. Don’t let him overspend by getting targets from the range, instead treat him to one of the fine and affordable targets we have for sale.

Maybe dad trains for concealed carry so an IPSC style target would be good. Perhaps dad is a hunter so one of our whitetail or turkey targets would work better.

Either way, you’ll be sure to find some good targets for well under $50, saving a little extra money to get him that box of ammo to go with.

Eye Protection

eye protection
Eye protection is a vital part of every trip to the range, and it also makes an affordable gift for dad. (Photo: Paul Peterson/Guns.com)

Let’s face it, eye and ear protection are required to go to the range. While it’s hard to get excited about new ear protection, new eyewear is always nice because it can be useful away from the range too.

Whether dad is more utilitarian or whether he likes to show off in style we have the eye pro for him. Show off in style with names like Oakley or Magpul or go with a simple but affordable option from Walker’s Game Ear. Either way, new eye pro is always a sure bet.

Gun Cases


Making sure the guns are stored properly is essential to keeping them nice. (Photo: Pelican)

Now that you know dad is going to the range, wouldn’t it be nice if he had a way to haul all his gear to there. Perhaps you should consider a quality range bag from Guns.com.

It doesn’t matter if your dad is a bring a single pistol to range type of guy or someone who wants stretch the legs on a rifle there is something for him here. Whether its Bulldog, Blackhawk, or G*Outdoors, we got you covered with a number of options, all at a price that will be hard to beat.



A knife is a practical and affordable gift that dad will always appreciate. (Photo: Paul Peterson/Guns.com)

Guns are expensive and while it would be great to get dad a brand-new gun for Father’s Day not all of us have that kind of scratch laying around. What’s the next best thing after a new gun? A new knife of course!

There is always a great reason to carry a knife or three on you and we have plenty of great options available for under $50. Whether dad is a side folder type of guy or whether he prefers an OTF knife we got quality brands like CobraTec, Cold Steel, and Spyderco to choose from.

If he’s looking for a new field knife to dress out a deer, well we got that covered to. Browse our selection and you’re sure to find something that dad will love.



Glock 17 in DeSantis Holster
A Glock 17 in a comfortable DeSantis holster makes for easy EDC. (Photo: Paul Peterson/Guns.com)


Let’s face it, if dad carries every day, he probably has a box full of holsters somewhere. The perfect elusive holster is out there somewhere for him, but he won’t know until he tries it on.

For better or worse, you can’t rent a holster at a range to try it out, that’s probably for the better. Why not take a stab at getting dad that next best carry option with a brand new holster?

With quality names like Galco, 1791 Gunleather, and DeSantis there’s bound to be something that dad will love as his next carry holster.

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