Florida-based Diamondback Firearms on Tuesday announced they have a new handgun inbound, a 9-shot, single and double-action rimfire revolver with a swing-out, interchangeable cylinder. 

Dubbed the Sidekick, no doubt because, while it has "cowboy gun" aesthetics, the revolver uses a swing-out cylinder. It comes chambered in .22 rimfire and includes both .22 LR and .22 WMR cylinders. The Sidekick will initially be offered with a 4.5-inch barrel having a 1:16 RH twist and six groove rifling. The alloy-framed revolver weighs in at 32.5 ounces and has an overall length of 9.875 inches. 

Diamondback Sidekick DA/SA 22 rimfire revolver
The Sidekick has a smooth black Cerakote finish and checkered polymer grip panels. It also carries a rear integral and a fixed front blade sight. (Photo: Diamondback)

Pitched by Diamondback as "great for self-defense with manageable recoil, hunting small game, pest control, as well as some enjoyable and inexpensive target practice. The Sidekick higher capacity allows for three more snakes, rabbits, or soda cans depending on what you’re hunting."

Diamondback Sidekick DA/SA 22 rimfire revolver
While the Sidekick emulates an old-school "cowboy" revolver, it has a cylinder release incorporated into the old-school ejection rod. The swing-out arm accommodates either .22 Long Rifle or .22 Mag cylinders. (Photo: Diamondback)


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Set to officially launch in late November – just in time for Christmas – the Diamondback Sidekick will have an MSRP of $320, likely dropping below the attractive $299 mark with retailers. 

When it comes to competition, the Florida gun maker's first revolver is set to take on the wildly popular Ruger Wrangler series, another alloy-framed Cerakote wheel gun with polymer grips that runs at roughly the same price point. However, the Sidekick has some important bonuses over the Wrangler, as it is a nine-shot revolver rather than a more traditional six-shooter, is DA/SA, and comes standard with a .22 Mag cylinder.

The Sidekick isn't the first time that Diamondback has stretched its legs into new territory. Introducing the very interesting DBX-57 large-format pistol last year, the company has also recently announced inroads to the M1911 and knife market as well. 


revolver barrel loading graphic