CZ USA last week announced a new version of its otherwise well-liked P-10 series 9mm pistol, the 7+1 shot P-10 M micro-compact.

CZ, perhaps in a nod to a popular meme that their guns are embraced by hipsters on this side of the pond, released the P-10 M with an odd video that was slim on information and big on skinny jeans, Irish pubs, Toyotas, beards, and snapback hats. Despite "its completely smooth appearance," and lack of surface controls or levers on either side of the gun other than the magazine release, the model in the video prints like crazy. Remember, proper holster selection is your friend, kids!

Moving on from that unveiling, the CZ P-10 M had been introduced in Europe last year and, with its 3.19-inch barrel, has an overall length of 6.31 inches, while it hits the scales at 20 ounces. The width, important for very compact carry guns, is 1 inch. By comparison, this is almost the exact same size as the Beretta APX Carry, FN 503, Walther PPS M2, and such well-known entries as the Ruger EC9, S&W M&P Shield, and Glock 43, which offer the same capacity but have been on the market for a few years. 

CZ P 10 M 9mm subcompact pistol
The P-10 M comes standard with a set of 3-dot sights and is not optics-ready. (Photo: CZ) 

CZ's more descriptive and less REI video on the P-10 M: 


For fans of CZ pistols looking for a smaller concealed carry piece than the G19-sized P-10 C, the 12+1 round P-10 S, or the CZ 75 Compact, the new P-10 M is set to retail for $499.

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