The Los Angeles Police Department did some digital chest-thumping last week over a rifle they encountered at a homeless encampment. 

The bolt gun, which has the same sort of factory pressed-checkered stock as old Remington Model 700 BDLs, has seen better days for sure. With cracked and broken furniture, it has a raised cheekpiece made of what looks like shop towels and duct tape, needed no doubt to get a good line of sight through the optic which is mounted on very high rings to clear the ramped front sight. 

Homeless camp rifle
The rifle has a serious "Fallout" vibe and, despite what LAPD says, is probably not a .22. (Photo: LAPD) 

The gun, described (likely incorrectly) by the agency as a ".22 caliber bolt action rifle in plain view" inside a tent, was discovered at an encampment at Sepulveda Boulevard and Oxnard Street just east of the freeway. The LAPD's Van Nuys Division visited the camp and found an illegal power hook from one of the tents. While three men in the 40s were arrested for various charges, none were weapons-related. 

Commenters on social media weren't thrilled with the find. 

"So, you just took a squirrel and rabbit hunting gun from homeless people? I didn't read that they were in illegal possession of a firearm. Sounds like LAPD are some gun grabbers," said one popular comment. 

"So, they stole DWP resources and have a gun (if I were living there, I sure would have some protection). DWP been ripping off people for years. Their rates are criminal," noted another.

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