A California Democrat, allied with national anti-gun groups, has filed a bill in Congress to use taxpayer money to form a government gun policy board based on "science." 

U.S. Rep. Mark DeSaulnier, who terms himself a "longtime advocate for gun violence prevention and a proud recipient of an 'F' rating from the NRA," last week debuted the Gun Safety Board and Research Act. The bill aims to "combat our nation’s gun violence epidemic through evidence-based, scientific solutions" and in "recognition that gun violence is a public health crisis" would establish the new board inside the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services.

Of note, HHS is currently headed up by Xavier Becerra. While Becerra lacks any previous health care experience and was only confirmed by the Senate to his current position on a narrow 50-49 vote, he is the former attorney general of California and a long-term Democrat in Congress who championed gun control to include bans on "assault weapons." While the state's "top cop," he repeatedly ramped up regulations on guns, going so far as suing the ATF to force federal regulators to lower the boom on so-called "80-percent" lowers and kits. 

Becerra also holds sway over the Centers for Disease Control, whose new director last month said it is "pedal to the metal" time when it comes to addressing guns as a "serious public health threat." The CDC is currently spending millions in public funds on gun research while flexing its muscle outside of traditional health policy, for instance moving to retain a controversial eviction moratorium citing COVID-19. 

DeSaulnier's bill, filed as H.R. 5273, is supported by Brady and Everytown at introduction, a move that is sure to indicate which side of the national gun debate the proposed board is aimed to serve despite the lawmaker’s insistence that it is meant to be nonpartisan.  

“Gun violence is an epidemic, and solving epidemics requires following the science and applying solutions that are backed by evidence,” said Shannon Watts, founder of Everytown umbrella organ, Moms Demand Action.

The bill has been referred to the Democrat-controlled House Committee on Energy and Commerce.

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