September marks the end of summer. While that means that pools are closing and leaves are falling, it also means that a whole new season of hunting will be upon us shortly. We're already seeing archery season open for whitetail in many northern states, and turkey season isn't far behind for the rest of the country. Of course, not everyone is a hunter, and everyday carry pistols and home defense shotguns continue to fill carts every day. These were the best-selling guns on in September of 2021. 

Top 5 Selling Pistols

Glock continues to dominate the pistol landscape for us. It should be no surprise either given the company's sterling reputation for ruggedness and reliability. Glocks are often purchased as a first handgun and have a rabid following, which boosts sales even more. Interesting to note, the Taurus G2C made a huge jump for us, moving up to number two on our list. While the Taurus has released a new G3C, the predecessor has proven to still be immensely popular. 

Top 5 Selling Rifles

While handguns have remained largely the same from the previous months, the top five rifles have are substantially different this month than the last time we reported. Smith & Wesson continues to claim the top spot, but the M&P 15-22 has swapped places with its big brother in September. Given the popularity of the platform and the low price of .22 LR, it's easy to see why people buy this as a training supplement to their 5.56 counterparts. Ruger also showed up in a big way this month, adding three guns to the top five. Making their debut on our top five list this month are both the Mini-14 and the 10/22 Takedown. 

Top 5 Selling Shotguns

Just like Glock has dominated our handgun sales this year, the Mossberg Maverick 88 is undoubtedly our number one seller by a wide margin. It makes sense given Mossberg's reputation for reliable shotguns, making them great for home defense. S&W's new M&P 12 shotgun has proven to be a big hit, making our list in the first month since it has been widely available to the public. The Benelli M4 and Kel-Tec KSG round out the list of home defense and tactical shotguns, while the Remington 870 Express has been a proven winner in taking everything from birds to whitetails.

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