A low-key Vet who gave a ray of light and humor to the gun community that has yet to be surpassed has signaled that he is "going to be sitting this one out." 

Dugan Ashely, through his slapsticky yet educational firearms videos on YouTube, thrilled millions around the globe with his antics, producing content that, although imitated, is hard to match. Ashley was a legend for years but in 2015 dropped out of the public eye and deleted his Carnik Con Show channel, although mirrors exist of some of the more sensational clips.

Plus, despite the bargain bin outfits and campy humor, his weapon manipulation skills were absolutely on-point as this video on LMGs displays. 

While making brief cameos on other channels from time to time, Ashley has been keeping a low signature for the past half-decade. However, last Thursday, he surfaced in a video on a new channel, informing fans of his ongoing battle with Multiple Sclerosis through the VA.


A GoFundMe has been authorized to collect money to help him combat his debilitating illness and hopefully spend a few more years with his family.

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