Heckler & Koch on Wednesday showed off one of its German-made pistols that survived a massive number of rounds before it needed repair. 

The gun, a standard-length 9mm HK USP with a 2016 (BG) date code next to the antler stamp of the Ulm proof house, reportedly has 200,892 rounds through it before being sent to the factory for service. 

HK USP 9 pistol
The HK USP 9 in question (Photo: HK USA)

"During those 200,892 rounds, no springs were replaced — no recoil springs, trigger return springs, or anything," said HK. "It’s impressive, but not surprising that this pistol can take the abuse of alllll of that ammo, have minimal end-user maintenance, and keep on kickin!"

Rather than scoff, throw rocks, or call BS, the majority of the 250+ comments on the post were positive, with many responding that they had high-mileage HK pistols of their own. 

"Well now my P30 with 35,000 rounds through it looks downright pedestrian," said one commenter. 

"I have about 5000 rds. through my USP .40v1, and it is a tack driver and a no-brainer. I have NEVER had an FTl, FTF., or an FTE," said another. "That's pretty darn good considering I cannot say that about many of other handguns I have had an experience to use. The pain of the initial cost has subsided for me, but still, its performance is as stellar and satisfying as ever."

To be sure, followers of HK's social media feeds are confirmed HK fanboys, but the response is telling. 

The USP was introduced in 1993 as HK's return to the polymer pistol market that it kicked off with the VP70 two decades prior. Using a barrel with polygonal rifling, a Browning-type action with the company's own recoil reduction system, a bobbed hammer, and multiple safeties the company has made over a dozen variants of the pistol since then.

Despite newer HK polymer-framed models such as the hammer-fired P30 and striker-fired VP9 hitting the market, the USP remains popular. It is apparently hard to kill. 

HK USP pistols
Between 9mm, .40 S&W, and .45 ACP across standard, Compact, and Tactical models, HK currently catalogs at least nine different USP variants. (Photos: USP)

Current offerings include the standard models in 9mm, .40 S&W, and .45 ACP, using barrels in the 4.25-4.41 inch range while USP Compacts in the same calibers tend to have barrels and corresponding slides that are almost an inch shorter on average. There are also USP Tactical models in .45 and 9mm, which are add suppressor-ready extended threaded barrels and target sights with micrometer adjustments to the standard variants.