It's hard to believe that October has already passed us. While candy was on the mind of many kids, guns were still on the mind of many patriotic Americans. We've busted out the abacus and crunched the numbers all in the name of bringing you the top-selling guns on for October of 2021. Here they are starting with the handguns. 

Top 5 Selling Handguns

What is really interesting about the list here this month is that the G43X is not only consistently a top seller - surprising in today's age of double-stack micro 9s - but that now the MOS version has also cracked our top 5. Also surprising to see that even though Taurus has released the updated G3C the older G2C continues to be a hot seller. I guess the old adage rings true, "If ain't broke, don't fix it." Finally, Springfield Armory breaks onto the list for the first time with their popular Hellcat

Top 5 Selling Rifles

October was a departure from other months in the rifle category. For the first time, the list wasn't totally dominated by AR patterned rifles. The rimfires actually all sold the same exact amount, so you can say they tied for 4th place. However, it should be noted that if you combined all the models of the Ruger 10/22 it would have easily dominated this list at No. 1. 

Top 5 Selling Shotguns

It's no surprise that tactical and home defense shotguns continue to lead the way, this trend has been like this since we started these articles. The M&P 12 continues to make a splash among the tactical crowd and an affordable Mossberg makes the top of the list.