With a frame, slide, and barrel forged from stainless steel, the name of Auto-Ordnance's new M1911-style pistol is obvious. 

The Pennsylvania-based subsidiary of Kahr Firearms recently announced the new Stainless 1911 .45 ACP model that comes standard with a match-grade 5-inch barrel with a full-length guide rod and user-adjustable trigger. The slide runs both forward serrations and lightening cuts for a faster lock time. Other features include a skeletonized hammer, extended beavertail grip safety, and extended magazine release.

"Customers know Auto-Ordnance for its long history of producing quality, historical American firearms," said Jodi DePorter, director of marketing for Kahr Firearms Group. "They trust the brand to bring an exceptional 1911 to market, and the new stainless model carries on that tradition.”

Auto Ordnance 1911 Stainless
The Auto-Ordnance Stainless 1911 is made from a stainless-steel frame, slide, and barrel and is finished in Savage Stainless Cerakote, set off by black rubber grips, sights, and surface controls. (Photo: AO)
Auto Ordnance 1911 Stainless
Specs are standard M1911A1, and it is an 80-series gun with a firing pin block. Both the mainspring housing and front strap are machine-checkered at 20 lines per inch. (Photo: AO)

Auto-Ordnance fans will have the choice of the Stainless 1911, either a variant with combat sights or TruGlo night sights. Each ship with a single seven-round mag. 

Auto Ordnance 1911 Stainless
Sorry, no MSRP at this time.  (Photo: AO)
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