Massachusetts planned to bar Smith & Wesson from making black rifles, so the company is expanding to Tennessee and making a special AR to celebrate.

The new M&P15T II Engraved is a rifle that is limited to just 2,100 guns, in a farewell of sorts to Smith's long-time headquarters at 2100 Roosevelt Ave in Springfield, Massachusetts. The historic gun maker, which has been in the state since 1852, broke ground this month on a new facility in Maryville, Tennessee that will employ 750. This came after lawmakers snubbed the respected manufacturer by exploring a ban on the production of popular semi-auto rifles at the plant. 


S&W M&P II 2A limited edition
Engraved on the magazine well is an eagle, American flag, and the text “Since 1852 Protecting the 2nd,” that S&W says represents "the company’s commitment to the 2nd Amendment and its customers." (Photos: S&W) 


The M&P 15T II Engraved comes standard with a free-float 16-inch barrel that incorporates 5R rifling with a twist rate of 1:8. It runs a mid-length gas system, has an oversized trigger guard, and features a new flat face trigger.


Other features of the M&P15T II include an ambi Radian Raptor-LT charging handle, Magpul CTR carbine-length stock, and a 15-inch aluminum M-LOK handguard that comes with Magpul MBUS sights on a top Pic rail. 

The MSRP on the new M&P15T II Engraved limited-edition rifle is $1,372.

revolver barrel loading graphic