November 2021 is officially in the record books and had one of our best months ever, supplying more firearms to more people. This is all in large part thanks to you, our loyal readers and customers. For most of us, too much turkey and stuffing also equated to buying lots of guns the day after with NICS reporting this past Black Friday as the 10th busiest day for gun sales of all time

Now, we had some pretty sweet deals going on for Black Friday ourselves. So that'll surely influence this month's numbers, which included a few surprises. While Black Friday may have passed, you can still find some sweet deals over at our deals page. Who knows, maybe one of the guns you see below will still be available over there.

Hence, without further ado, here are the best-selling guns on for the month of November 2021.

Top 5 Selling Handguns

In a big upset, the Taurus G3C knocked off the proverbial handgun king, Glock, to claim top dog for the month. The others on this list remain fan favorites, having appeared off and on for the last several months. 

Top 5 Selling Rifles

Another category, another champ dethroned. The notoriously stable S&W M&P-15 has taken a back seat to the ZRO Delta Base rifle this month. We reviewed the Base rifle and found it to be lightweight, reliable, and accurate, making it an excellent choice for a holiday addition. Nice to see a lever-action plinker get back in the mix, with the Classic Lever Action .22 from Henry getting a tie with the Colt M4 for fifth place.

Top 5 Selling Shotguns

While all the categories were certainly affected by Black Friday sales, nowhere was it as obvious as the shotguns. We had a screaming deal of a doorbuster sale with the GF3T Tactical shotguns for Black Friday. It absolutely blew the doors off for sales. While you might not be able to get one for $99 anymore, you can still find a great deal this holiday season


Sales probably helped launch Glock hats to the top of this category since we were giving away FREE Glock hats with a purchase of a Glock. Everyone loves something for free and to pair with a Glock is a pretty sweet deal. Accessories make for great stocking stuffers, so act now to get something for the gun lover in your life before the holiday. 

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