While the beginning of each year brings the anticipation of what handgun manufacturers are going to debut for the year, this year they just kept coming. Month after month, announcements and press releases touted another new handgun being released, and what a collection 2021 brought us! 

I’ve taken a look at the new handguns of 2021. Here they are in alphabetical order: 

Auto-Ordinance Stainless 1911: As indicated by the name, the frame, the slide, and the barrel are forged from stainless steel. This new .45 ACP 1911 has an extended beavertail grip safety, skeletonized hammer, and an extended magazine release. 

Beretta APX A1 Carry Optics Ready: New to the APX series is the A1 9mm. The slide is red-dot ready and can accommodate a wide variety of manufacturers' optics. The trigger is also new on this one, making it shorter and lighter than before with a quick reset.

Beretta 92X RDO and Performance Defensive: Beretta continued to update the wildly popular 92 series with two new 92X options. Both are chambered in 9mm. The 92X RDO 9mm pistol, and the 92X Performance Defensive model. The RDO model includes an out-of-the-box red-dot-ready slide, combat sights, and 18-round magazines. The 92X Performance Defensive model offers a lightened steel frame and slide, red-dot-ready slide, and thin grips that are aggressively textured. 

CZ USA P10-F Competition Ready: This is the competition-ready version of the P10-F full-sized 9mm pistol. This model brings a longer, optics-ready slide with a full 5-inch forged-titanium nitride barrel, mimicking the M1911 series. It also has a longer sight radius. 

CZ USA P10-M: The new micro-sized offering from CZ USA is the P10-M. Optimized for concealed carry with a reduced footprint, the new P10-M offers a capacity of seven rounds. An internal slide stop means there are no levers on the sides of the gun other than the magazine release. It also offers an easy takedown, requiring no trigger pull. 

CZ 75 SP-01 Competition Red and Blue: Aptly named, because one model is red and one model is blue, the new SP-01 Competition pistols come standard with matching +4 extended magazine base pads. They offer a generous 21-round capacity. 

Diamondback Sidekick 22: New from Diamondback is a nine-round revolver with a swing-out, interchangeable cylinder in .22 LR or .22 Magnum. It’s easy to change out, and both lock tightly into the frame without the need to adjust them after swapping them out.

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FN 502 Tactical .22: Similar in size and based off of the popular FN 509, the new hammer-fired 502 holds 15 rounds, has full ambidextrous controls, a threaded barrel (where legal), and a low-profile mounting system for optics. It also has suppressor-height sights. 

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FN 509 Compact: This no-frills version of the popular FN 509 was designed as a compact carry gun. It’s striker fired, optics ready, and the Tactical model offers a threaded barrel. 

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Girsan MC P35: Another 2021 take paying homage to the Browning Hi-Power/Browning P35 comes from Girsan, which introduced the Girsan MC P35 earlier this year. Imported by EAA (European American Armory Company), the Girsan MC P35 is chambered in 9mm and offers a 15-round capacity. It offers a slim trigger, ambidextrous safety, and adjustable sights. 

Heritage Manufacturing Barkeep: The Barkeep features a 2.68-inch barrel and a nearly full-sized grip. This six-shot .22 LR is a cowboy-style revolver with a long-spurred hammer that’s easy to operate. 

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Kimber Rapide Dawn and Scorpius: Both available in only 9mm, Kimber’s new Dawn and Scorpius feature a stainless frame, stainless slide, stepped serrations, and lightening cuts similar to Kimber’s other Rapide models. 

Kimber R7 Mako: New from the Kimber line of micro-compact pistols is the R7 Mako. According to Kimber, it’s different from anything you’ve ever carried. Boasting a very generous capacity for a micro-compact (11 rounds or 13 with an extended magazine), it features an optics-ready slide and Performance Carry Trigger. The controls are ambidextrous, and the grip is almost fully textured.  

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Mossberg MC2SC: New to the Mossberg lineup of pistols is the MC2SC. Building on their MC series, the MC2SC is built on the popular micro-9-sized package. The stainless-steel slide has integrated angled serrations for easy racking and has an optic cut low enough to allow the stock sights to still be used as backups if necessary. The MC2SC also features the Safe Takedown System, which allows for pistol takedown and disassembly without a trigger press. 

Rock Island STK100: Debuting their first striker-fired pistol, the STK100 features an alloy frame, aluminum grip, and a huge 17-round capacity. It has an optics cut and is compatible with most aftermarket parts for Gen 3 Glock 17s. 

Ruger LCP MAX: The ultra-compact .380 ACP LCP Max measures in under an inch wide. It’s double-stack magazine holds a generous 10 rounds.

Ruger Max-9: This micro-sized, striker-fired 9mm has an amazing 12-round capacity for its small size. It’s rugged, reliable, affordable, and perfect for concealed carry. 

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SDS Imports PX9 G2: Another imported new handgun is the PX9 G2, which is manufactured by Tisas, who developed the G2 model for the U.S. market. There’s an integrated Picatinny rail that allows you to mount a light or other similar accessory. The interchangeable side panels and backstraps allow for up to 27 different configurations, ensuring you’ll find one that fits you perfectly. It also has an amazing capacity of 18 rounds. 

SDS Imports M1911A1 Tanker: This new .45 ACP pistol has a full-sized frame and a Commander length (4.25 inches), making it easier to conceal than the traditional Government length (5 inches). Traditional 1911 fans will love the thumb safety and beavertail grip safety giving it a classic look. 

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SDS Imports Zigana PX9 G2: Though in its second decade of production, the PX9 has finally been imported to the United States. It is a full-size, striker-fired 9mm manufactured by Tisas in Turkey. It boasts a 4-inch hammer-forged barrel, two 18-round magazines, and adjustable sights all at an incredibly affordable price. 

Smith & Wesson M&P9 M2.0 Optics Ready: With two new optics-ready options, both the full-sized and the compact version ship with Smith & Wesson’s C.O.R.E. system of seven mounting plates, allowing the user a variety of options for micro red-dot optics. Both have ambidextrous manual thumb safeties, interchangeable grip inserts, and the new M2.0 flat-faced trigger. 

Smith & Wesson M&P 10mm M2.0 Pistol: Following the very successful line of M&P pistols, Smith & Wesson recently introduced their first 10mm pistol since the 1990s: the 10mm M2.0. Packed with features you’d expect from Smith & Wesson, the 10mm M2.0 boasts an optics-cut slide with their C.O.R.E. system that allows the user to mount their choice of optics. With a capacity of 15 rounds, the M2.0 features a flat-faced trigger designed to improve finger placement for the most accurate shot, time after time. It is also available with an ambidextrous thumb safety. 

Smith & Wesson M&P 9 Shield Plus: This much-anticipated addition to the Smith lineup features a new flat-faced trigger and enhanced textured grip. It’s chambered in 9mm and holds an impressive 10 rounds with the standard magazine. It also features an optimal 18-degree grip angle for a more natural point of aim. 

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Springfield Armory Emissary Commander: Now available in a Commander length, this new 9mm also sports a two-tone finish with a blued carbon-steel slide and stainless frame, like its Government-sized predecessor. The grenade-pattern textured grip adds to the unique look of this new pistol. 

Springfield Armory Garrison 1911: Another new release from Springfield is the new Garrison 1911. Built with a forged-steel frame and slides, it has a match-grade forged-steel barrel. There’s a classic beavertail grip safety and a single-sided thumb safety that’s easily maneuvered thanks to its serrations. There are currently two models available that are similarly priced, both ship with a single seven-round magazine. 

Springfield Armory Ronin EMP 9s: Two new single-stack options in the Ronin EMP (Enhanced Micro Pistol) 9 series include a 3-inch and 4-inch option. The ultra-compact 3-inch model has a capacity of nine rounds, while the 4-inch model has a capacity of 10 rounds. Both have forged-steel construction in their slides and barrels as well as alloy frames. 

Springfield Armory SA-35: Like the classics? Springfield knocked it out of the park with this 9mm modern take on the Browning Hi-Power (also known as the Browning P-35). The retro-styled checkered walnut grips, matte-blued finish, and carbon-steel frame bring this classic into the modern day. The white-dot front sight and “Tactical Rack” rear sights will make sure your shots are on target and count when you need them to. 

Springfield Armory XD-M Elite in 10mm: This new XD-M Elite 3.8-inch compact pistol is optics ready and holds a capacity of 11 rounds of 10mm. It can also accept a full-size 15-round magazine when the extended magwell is removed. Springfield touts this as “fight-stopping performance in an extremely capable CCW-sized package.”

Taurus G3/G3C Optics Ready: Adding to their popular G3 series, Taurus has added factory optics cuts to this line of striker-fired 9mm handguns. It’s offered in a standard size (G3) as well as a compact (G3C) size, both offering a cut and plate for red dots. 

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Taurus GX4: Taurus’ first micro-compact 9mm has full-sized capacity (11 rounds with a 13-round option) within its 1-inch-wide micro-compact frame, making it ideal as a concealed carry handgun. The polymer frame is rugged and lightweight. The ergonomics and trigger safety add to the value along with Taurus' limited lifetime warranty. It’s also now available in several colors. 

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Taurus TX 22 Competition: This full-sized .22 LR pistol is engineered for performance. It features a red-dot/optics-ready slide and a threaded competition-grade bull barrel for match-grade accuracy. Capacity varies from 10 to 16 rounds. 

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Taylor’s & Company Ace Series: The steel-framed Ace is a new line of cut-down 1858 Remington-patterned .44 cap-and-ball revolvers. These revolvers are built to accept .45 Colt conversion cylinders. 

Walther PDP: New from Walther is the PDP. It features deep slide serrations and a Performance Duty Trigger that has a shortened length of travel compared to other Walther models. The grip features a Performance Duty Texture, which provides an aggressive yet non-abrasive texture. It’s available in five models with varying capacities, and all are red-dot ready. 

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