2021 has come and gone now and it was a great year for guns sales, both for Guns.com as a blossoming online retailer, and as an industry as a whole. For those of you who trusted us with a gun purchase in this past year, whether it was your first or your 100th online, we would like to thank you for putting your trust in us. 

Below we've listed our top sellers for each category for the year of 2021. Some of this is indicative of the industry and some of this is because we have had some great deals this year. We'll try to break down which is which below. Either way, it's always a smart idea to keep your eye on both our deals page and our recently added guns page to make sure you're seeing the latest and greatest firearms being offered on Guns.com.

Without further ado, here are the best selling firearms on Guns.com in 2021.



When you look at the top selling handguns on Guns.com you might notice a trend or two. Most notably almost all of them are 9mm handguns, which isn't terribly surprising, even as the Great American Ammo Shortage stretches into its third year. The other notable thing here is that the list is dominated by Glock. This also isn't that terribly surprising given the stellar reputation that Glock has among the industry. We sell so many Glocks that it is by far our number one selling brand, almost doubling the next closest competitor.  



Much like Glock dominated the handgun category, Smith & Wesson dominates the rifle category with their M&P lineup of AR patterned rifles. It's no wonder why, it's a light and wieldy gun that comes in a variety of configurations that allows for lots of training opportunities. Ruger, Kel-Tec, Henry, Sig Sauer, and Diamondback all join in on the list, keeping this an All-American top 10.


This is where you might be shocked by the numbers you see. While Turkish made "tactical type" shotguns have been selling in droves this year, the name GForce might be new. It's namely our number one seller because on Black Friday we had a huge doorbuster sale going where we were selling these for the low price of $99. For a price like that its hard to pass up. Like we talked about earlier, you gotta keep on eye on that deals page for those special prices.

While we recognize that the Henry Axe and the Mossberg Shockwave aren't technically shotguns, but they shoot the same thing and we think they deserve some praise as they've sold well this year.

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