Smith & Wesson on Thursday finally made it official: the new CSX, a hammer-fired SAO alloy-framed micro-compact, is real and shipping to dealers. 

"As you might have already heard...😆," the company noted on social media after the news of the CSX had already been public for a week. "We are proud to finally introduce the Smith & Wesson CSX, the most innovative metal pistol we have ever built. The durable micro-compact, all-metal hammer-fired pistol has a staggering 9mm capacity of 10+1 or 12+1, crisp & light single-action trigger, and superior ergonomics."

With that, Smith dropped a short sizzle overview video on the new gun. 

As well as spec sheets. 

Smith Wesson CSX
The new S&W CSX is a departure from the Shield and M&P series as it has an alloy frame and is hammer-fired. (Sheet: S&W)

“Since the launch of the M&P Shield pistol, Smith & Wesson has been invested in the compact concealed carry firearm market," said John Myles, S&W's senior product manager. "Last year, we modernized and updated the legacy platform by increasing capacity and updating the trigger geometry with the release of the Shield Plus. With the design of the CSX, we started with a fresh canvas; providing the consumer with a completely different option for concealed carry.” 

Further, a couple of lengthy (15+ minute) new first-look reviews hit the web from James Reeves over at TFB TV and Mrgunsngear, who no doubt were waiting for the seals to lift on the interesting new gun before making the videos live.



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