Minnesota-based Maxim Defense this week announced a new series of rifles complete with PROOF barrels and Gisselle triggers: the MD:11 

The new MD:11 is a Direct impingement AR-10 style rifle offered in 6.5 Creedmoor or .308 Winchester, with all models using an 18-inch PROOF Research carbon-fiber or stainless-steel barrel set in billet 7075-T6 receivers with a floating 15.5-inch M-LOK slotted handguard. The lightweight barrel helps keep weight down to the 9-pound range. Other standard features are a carbine buffer system, B5 SOPMOD stock, ambi surface controls, and Gisselle SSA-E trigger. The MD:11 will be offered in urban, arid, and black schemes.

Maxim Defense MD:11
Using an SR-25 cut pattern, the Maxim Defense MD:11 accepts standard magazines, shipping with a single 20 rounder. (Photo: Maxim) 
Maxim Defense MD:11
The rifle, available in 6.5 CM and .308 WIN, has ambi controls including the selector, mag release, and charging handle. (Photo: Maxim) 

Maxim says the MD:11 was initially designed for USSOCOM requirements. However, once the decision was made to commercialize the SOCOM requirement (within limits), 6.5 Creedmoor and .308 Winchester were deemed the best calibers.

No MSRP is currently available.

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