New Hampshire-based Sig Sauer announced this week it will be giving several of its Classic Line pistols the Equinox Elite treatment.

The Equinox club involves a two-tone Equinox-branded polished slide with X-RAY 3 day/night sights and nickel-plated controls. The package also includes three steel-bodied magazines, black G10 grips, and a limited-edition SIG Custom Works case with a coin and certificate of authenticity. The guns will include 9mm double-stack variants of the P226 and P229 as well as a single-stack .45 ACP model of the P220, all with a black anodized metal frame and a Nitron-treated stainless-steel slide. 

Sig Sauer Equinox Elite P220
The single-stack P220 Equinox Elite in .45 ACP has an overall length of 7.7 inches and a weight of 30.4 ounces. (Photos: Sig)
Sig Sauer Equinox Elite P226
The P226 Equinox Elite in 9mm has an overall length of 7.7 inches as it has the same 4.4-inch barrel length as the P220, but the double-stack pistol is heavier at 34 ounces. (Photos: Sig)
Sig Sauer Equinox Elite P229
The P229 Equinox Elite is a more compact model, with a 3.9-inch barrel lending to a 7.4-inch overall length and a weight of 30 ounces. (Photos: Sig)

"For this latest release from SIG Custom Works, we have combined one of our most popular finishes with our most popular Classic Line pistols; the two-tone Equinox treatment offers a new level of customization to these SIG favorites,” said Tom Taylor, Sig's chief marketing officer and executive vice president for commercial sales. "This is a limited-run release from SIG Custom works and based on the popularity of both the Equinox finishes and these Classic Line series of pistols, we are excited to officially begin our 2022 product year with this release."

Sig Sauer has recently announced a P320 AXG Equinox model as well as an Equinox series 1911. The company last had a limited run of the two-toned Equinox Classic Line guns – sans P220 – in 2020.

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