Florida-based American Technology Network Company announced this week it has been given the green light to ship pallets of advanced optics to Ukraine. 

According to ATN, the shipments amount to some 9,000 optics including quantities of the ATN BinoX 4T-- a Smart HD thermal binocular with laser rangefinder-- and ATN PS31-3 Night Vision goggles. The company, founded by Ukraine-born Marc Vayn, says the clearance from federal authorities to export the regulated optics, paves the way for the devices to aid the Ukrainian forces in the field. 

"It is with great pleasure that we are happy to announce the speedy approval from the State Department and the Department of Commerce, along with the requisite licensing, for the purposes of shipping almost 9,000 night vision and thermal scopes and handheld optics for Ukrainian forces,” said Vayn, who is on the ground in one of ATN's facilities in Eastern Europe to help expedite the company's efforts in the region.

The ATN BinoX is a 4th generation bino with an ultra-sensitive sensor, 60 Hz with dual-core. It can record video, as well as several color palettes in black/hot and white/hot, as well as color modes, and with the press of a button, acquire range to target. The integrated laser rangefinder targets distances up to 1,000 y/m day or night. (Photo: ATN)
ATN PS31-3 dual night vision goggle system
The ATN PS31-3 is a dual night vision goggle system that has become a standard for operators and tactical units around the globe. New enhanced capabilities are found in the new design of the binoculars night vision device (BNVD), and its enhanced field of view (FOV) – now at 50 degrees, giving a tactical team a superior advantage in the field. (Photo: ATN)

ATN officials say, besides the Bino X and PS31-3s, additional night vision and thermal products are also included in this shipment. 

As previously reported by Guns.com, other American firearm industry members including Adams Arms, KelTec, Kimber, and Vista Outdoors, have stepped up to supply items to help the Ukrainians gain an edge in the country's struggle against an invasion from neighboring Russia.