A research group specializing in the firearms industry found that the most frequently bought handgun ammo brand purchased last year was almost a no-brainer.
Blazer, a sub-brand of CCI, was named by Southwick Associates as the most common handgun ammo brand cited in a yearly survey of over 11,000 hunters and recreational shooters. Florida-based Southwick's annual HunterSurvey and ShooterSurvey consumer panels identified the top brands purchased in the market. According to the results, CCI and Blazer made up 14 percent of handgun ammo boxes purchased.
"Once again, CCI is very proud of the continued popularity of Blazer Brass centerfire handgun ammunition,” said Handgun Ammunition Product Director, Mike Holm. "We continue to push to provide consumers with a quality product that performs as well as consumers expect it to."
CCI Blazer, besides rimfire ammo, makes over 40 loads in no less than 15 calibers ranging from .25 ACP and .32 ACP to .45 Colt including for new calibers like .30 Super Carry and some non-traditionals like 9x18mm Makarov.

"Across this wide range of brands and product choices, any shooter is sure to find the perfect handgun ammunition option for practice, hunting, target shooting and self-defense," said Holm.
Founded in 1951, CCI is a division of Vista Outdoors, which also owns the Estate, Federal Premium, Remington ammo, HEVI-Shot, and Speer ammo brands. Vista has been upping production and steadily expanding production to meet the voracious appetite of America's gun owners-- swelled by millions of new first-time members-- over the past two years. Notably, Southwick found that Federal was the most frequently purchased rifle ammunition in 2021.

Banner image: CCI Blazer Brass 9mm 115-grain ammo and a Sig Sauer P-210 Carry set up for a great range day. (Photo: Chris Eger/Guns.com)