As blue states breathlessly pass ambiguous bans on "ghost guns," the Biden-Harris administration is reportedly set to deliver a similar broadside with a nationwide impact.
Last week, Maryland's Republican Gov. Larry Hogan allowed an arbitrary ban on some types of self-manufactured firearms to become law to the applause of the state's Attorney General, anti-gun advocates, and Democrats in the state legislature. Likewise, the Illinois General Assembly gutted a public utilities bill to fashion it as a stop-gap "ghost gun" bill then rushed it to Gov. Pritzker in a party-line vote, with backers celebrating it as somehow "especially pertinent for communities of color and low-income populations."
Should Pritzker sign the Illinois bill into law, it would make the Land of Lincoln at least the 12th state-- behind California, Connecticut, Delaware, Hawaii, Maryland, Nevada, New Jersey, New York, Rhode Island, Virginia, and Washington -- that, along with Washington DC, have established restrictions on home gun making, a right and practice that pre-dates the Constitution according to testimony to Congress.
This comes as multiple media outlets are reporting that the White House intends to announce the final ATF rule on privately made firearms and how the government classifies the very definition of a "firearm frame or receiver." The proposed rule, first announced last May, received almost 300,000 public comments.
While the text of the final rule has yet to be published, pro-gun groups have announced plans to fight back immediately.
"Biden’s proposal to create a comprehensive national gun registry and end the online sale of gun parts without the passage of a new law exemplifies his disregard for the Second Amendment," said Aidan Johnston, Gun Owner of America’s Director of Federal Affairs, in an email to on Sunday. "Just as we opposed the Trump Administration’s arbitrary ban on bump stocks, GOA will also sue Biden’s ATF to halt the implementation of this rule, whose promulgation violates the Second Amendment, Firearm Owners Protection Act, Gun Control Act of 1968, and Administrative Procedures Act."
Speaking of fighting back, the Firearms Policy Coalition, which is already suing the state of Delaware over its recent ban on self-built firearms, made it clear over the weekend they will be seeing Illinois in court.


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