Lawmakers in the Sportsman's Paradise are trying to get a constitutional carry bill to the governor's desk once again. 

The Republican-controlled Louisiana House held an easy 64-27 final vote on HB 37 on Thursday, sending it to the Senate where it is expected to pass. This came only a week after it cleared the House Criminal Justice Committee. Supporters say it is an easy move in a state that already has shall-issue concealed carry and permitless open carry laws. 

"People can already open carry without a permit or any kind of training, there’s no instances. Honest, law-abiding citizens are responsible with their rights," said state Rep. Danny McCormick (R), sponsor of the bill.

The bill isn't revolutionary compared to the other 25 states that already have similar laws. It keeps the state's concealed carry program for those who want to obtain one for reciprocity reasons. It also doesn't change who can own or carry a gun under state law. In fact, it is almost word-for-word identical to legislation that passed last year in the same body but was met by a veto from Democratic Gov. John Bel Edwards. A rare override attempt fell just three votes short of forcing the issue through, with quick backlash from pro-gun groups. 

Notably, every state that touches Louisiana – Arkansas, Mississippi, Tennessee, and Texas – already has permitless carry. 

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