April saw a slight decline from a near-record March in terms of gun purchases through Guns.com, but we're still seeing freedom-loving Americans fill their carts with new guns every day. There are, of course, some of the same staples that we see every month on the list here. But there are some additions to the list that may have budget-friendly shoppers jumping for joy.

As always, there are lots more to choose from than what you see here, and you can find some great deals both at our Certifed Used Collection and on our deals page.


March showed S&W making a splash with a couple of LE trade-in guns, which made for great deals but have now been replaced with something more modern. While the Glock 43X and 43X MOS both continue to top the charts, they may have been replaced had we been able to keep the P322 stocked all month. Since the new plinker from Sig Sauer was announced in late March, the gun has been flying off the shelves. It's definitely a hot new item, one that we expect to see on the charts for months to come. 


For the first time in a very long time, the name Sig Sauer or S&W isn't gracing the top spot of the rifles and carbines list this month. Instead, that title goes to the Springfield Hellion in April. While the gun was announced back in January, we didn't see a big uptick in sales until last month. Then, this month sales for the new bullpup exploded. Perhaps it could have something to do with the dynamite review we published this month? 


What can we say? We love selling a good budget shotgun around these parts. And you must love buying them because they top our list of shotguns once again. Last month, they took a little break, but they've been back in a big way this month. The Turkish import GForce shotguns have been flying off the shelves to those looking for a budget-friendly firearm. Meanwhile, the newly released Mossberg 940 Pro Tactical was the only serious contender to making a run at first place. But just like the P322, we couldn't keep this one on the shelves either, and we expect it to continue to sell well. 

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