Now with a half-decade in the rear-view, FN's 509 pistol series has expanded to offer something for just about everyone in the practical carry and tactical community. 

Building on years of polymer-framed pistol experience gained from the FNS series, FN invested over a million rounds of ammo in the testing and development of what would become the FN 509. Introduced at the NRA Annual Meeting in Atlanta in April 2017, was there to get the scoop on the new pistol. 

Chambered in 9mm NATO, the striker-fired polymer-framed FN 509, in its standard format, runs a 4-inch cold-hammer-forged stainless-steel barrel with a polished chamber and feed ramp, offers 10 or 17-round mags, has an external extractor, fixed three-dot combat-style sights, enhanced "all-condition" grips, front and rear slide serrations, a fully ambi slide stop lever and mag release, an accessory rail, interchangeable backstraps, and a choice of black or FDE finish.

Since then, the family has grown a bit: 

FN pistol variants
The FN 509 family tree has grown a few branches over the past five years. We'll cover that, below. (Photo: FN)

Going Tactical

Following up on the standard FN 509 in 2018 came the 509 Tactical. 

FN 509 tactical in light box
This model kept the same format by adding a 4.5-inch threaded barrel with an O-ring retention thread cap, FN's exceptional low profile optics mounting system, suppressor-height night sights due to the previous two features, and a 24-shot extended magazine. 



Splitting the Difference With the Midsize 

Once FN had the stock 509 released, and augmented with the more go-fast Tactical model, in 2019 the company downsized the platform just a lil bit with the 509 Midsize. Using the same 4-inch barrel as the standard 509 but featuring a frame with a shortened grip, the result was a 26.5-ounce gun with a 15+1 magazine capacity. In other words, it entered the neighborhood of the Glock 19, S&W M&P 2.0 Compact, and CZ P-10 C series. 

FN 509 Midsize in lightbox
While the chopped-down Midsize ships with flush-fitting 15+1 capacity magazines, it is still backwardly compatible with the standard FN 509 17- and 24-rounders using a grip sleeve. 


FN soon added an MRD variant to the model, capable of hosting a variety of micro red dots via included optics plates while keeping a co-witness due to high sights. 


Getting Compact

Following in the wake of the 509 Midsize, FN announced the even more carry-friendly 509 Compact in the lead up to SHOT Show 2020. Billed as offering a “full-size punch in a compact package,” the FN 509 Compact MRD 9mm pistol is optics ready and has a 12+1 capacity. 

FN 509 Compact MRD
Using the same FN low-profile optics-mounting system as the rest of the MRD series, the Compact version accommodates most commercially available miniature red dots while featuring blackout iron sights that co-witness. (Photo: Chris Eger/

Other features include a flat-face trigger, an accessory rail for compact lights, two additional back straps to conform to different user grip sizes, and improved ambi surface controls.

FN 509 Compact
For those who don't need an optic on such a small carry gun, FN also offers it in a little less spendy version without the MRD cut and a more traditional set of sights, with all else being the same. (Photo: Chris Eger/

FN also has a 509 Compact Tactical, right, which is the rowdy little brother of the full-sized 509 Tactical, left.  (Photo: FN)


Going Long With the Edge

For those wanting a 509 for more practical competition use, FN unveiled the 509 Edge Long Slide (LS) in 2021. With the longest factory barrel fitted to a 509-series pistol, the Edge LS gets its name honestly, running a 5-inch hammer-forged barrel inside an MRD-optimized extended slide complete with lightening cuts that double as forward serrations. The pistol features the best production trigger FN has in our minds, breaking flat at 90 degrees. It also comes standard with a knurled ambi mag release, graphite anodized floorplates, and a built-in magwell that's ideal for 24-rounders. We can tell you first-hand it is hard to beat on the range. 

FN 509 Edge
Rather than coming in noir or one of FN's "50 Shades of FDE," the 509 Edge LS has a graphite gray PVD Type III anodizing that gives it an even more distinctive look.  (Photo: Chris Eger/
FN 509 Edge target
It's plenty accurate, with a red dot or without.  (Photo: Chris Eger/

For a series that didn't exist a decade ago, the FN 509 has proven popular enough to have lots of growth potential, filling a multitude of needs. We can't wait for what they show up with next. Knowing FN, it could be closer than you think.

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