Besides their normal wares, Beretta made sure to bring its new series of full-sized optics-ready 9mm pistols and vaunted MR73 series revolvers to NRAAM. 

The historic 495-year-old gun company was on hand last weekend in Houston, Texas for the 151st NRA Annual Meetings and had lots of great firearms and gear. Speaking of which, managed to wrangle Nicola Lorenzi, Beretta USA's pistols product manager, to tell us more about the new APX A1 Full-Size pistol and Manurhin MR73 wheel guns in the above video. 

The new APX A1 FS is an optics-ready striker-fired 9mm with what Beretta calls "a crisp, class-dominating trigger" as well as improved ergonomics over the standard APX series, more aggressive slide serrations, full ambi controls, and a straighter grip profile with 360-degree texturing. 


Beretta APX A1 FS with Steiner optic
Using a 4.25-inch barrel, the new Beretta APX A1 FS is 7.5 inches overall with a weight of 33.1 ounces. Offering a 10+1, 15+1, and 17+1 capacity, it is roughly the same size as a Glock 17. (Photo: Chris Eger/


The Manurhin MR73, besides being a unicorn in the U.S., has long been thought of as one of the strongest double-action revolvers ever made, with quality comparable to German-made Korths. Renowned for their accuracy, the French GIGN counter-terror group even fielded a sniper version of the revolver, equipped with a long barrel, bipod, and optic. 


Manurhin MR73
The models listed by Beretta include the Manurhin MR73 Sport (5.25-inch barrel) and Manurhin MR73 Gendarmerie (4-inch barrel), both of which are six-shot .357 Magnum double-action revolvers with Trausch-branded rubber finger groove grips and Beretta import marks on the barrel. (Photo: Chris Eger/


revolver barrel loading graphic