May brought fresh spring flowers to the garden beds and it also brought a bunch of new gun owners into the fold. Gun sales continue to hold steadfast despite new legislation which has been introduced to do the opposite. Regardless, gun owners both new and old continue to show up and vote with their dollar bills. Let's dive into the top selling guns on this month.



While the proverbial king of this list, the G43X, remains at the top we've seen a hot new crop of guns pop up on the list this month. Notably is the addition of the Sig Sauer P365 XL Spectre Comp Freedom Days Exclusive. As the name implies, this was an exclusive deal for attendees of Sig Sauer's initial Freedom Days event, which drew a lot of people. Fans were happy to see a really cool OD Green and Gold combo, with the Freedom Days logo etched in the side. The gun sold really well but we have a handful left if you're interested, act fast.



Springfield Armory followed up a strong showing in April by once again claiming top spot in May. The bullpup has been a big hit since being released, having even won over non-bullpup fans in the process. S&W and Sig fill out the rest of the list with their standard fare while everyone's favorite 9mm backpacker gun, the Kel-Tec Sub-2000, makes a showing too. 



You see what happens when you run a deal on Turkish imported shotguns that are well under $200? This is what happens, a total domination of the list by GForce Shotguns. If you're unfamiliar to that name then you need to sign up for our emails! We've been running deals on these guns and they have been flying out of the warehouse. If you're looking for a very affordable option when it comes to 12-gauge shotguns, look no further.


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