Galco hit this year’s NRA Annual Meeting in Houston with some serious chest bling ready for any hunter, hiker, or general outdoorsman set to head into the wilderness. The company’s new High Ready Chest Rig features fits for various firearms ranging from Glocks and Sig Sauer handguns to soon-to-arrive versions ready to host 1911s, M&Ps, and other firearms.

If you want to carry a semi-auto handgun in the great outdoors, the High Ready rig has you set whether you’re hiking, hunting, gallivanting on horseback, or bouncing around on an ATV. But equally important, the new holster line has some extra features that fit well for those who want to open carry during outdoor adventures without the hassle associated with many chest rigs, like pesky, complicated strap attachments. 

Galco Chest Holster
Quick detach clips make chest carry easier. (Photo: Paul Peterson/
Galco Chest Holsters
The new High Ready Chest Rigs join a long line of leather chest holsters waiting for an adventure. (Photo: Paul Peterson/

Known for its leatherwork, Galco’s new High Ready falls in line with a host of the company’s classy custom all-leather chest rigs but with a few extra features that run above and beyond your normal chest rig. The straps on the High Ready feature an easy-to-use quick detach mechanism, and the hard shell for the holster ensures a custom fit for your specific gun. Comfort and security while open carrying in the outdoors are the main focus of the new holster line.