Police in California proudly showed off images of a Cowboy revolver seized from a San Francisco man this week. 

"On Friday (6-10-22), Officers responded to a hotel on the 300 block of South Airport Boulevard on a report of a disturbance," noted the South San Francisco Police Department over the weekend on social media. "Our officers made contact with a 50-year-old male from San Francisco who was on probation, a convicted felon, and was prohibited from possessing any firearms and/or ammunition. A search was conducted and the male was found to be in possession of a loaded revolver and ammunition. The male was subsequently arrested for several firearm violations and booked into the San Mateo County jail."

The images posted of the firearm clearly show the revolver to be a Colt Cowboy in .45 Colt. 

Cowboy revolver seized from a San Francisco man
The barrel is marked "COLT COWBOY .45 COLT" on left side, and it would seem that the revolver had been loaded with five rounds despite that it has a transfer bar safety. (Photo: SSFPD)

A more basic version of the 3rd Generation Single Action Army using a charcoal case-colored investment-cast steel receiver and plastic grips, the Cowboy was introduced in late 1998 at about half the price of the more polished and better finished SAA. Intended to compete against Italian-made SAA clones, the Colt Cowboy was marketed to Cowboy Action Shooting enthusiasts but was discontinued in 2003 as the spaghetti guns proved too tough to beat for the price. 

The comments on the SSFPD's post included several references to the Old West ("Did you arrest a cowboy running late to his poker game at the local saloon???", "Was the suspect Billy the Kid?", "Who'd you arrest toting that thing, Doc Holliday?") while others posted Marty Robbins's circa 1959 “Big Iron” gunfighter ballad. 

The agency also showed off a Buck 120 fixed-blade knife in a worn sheath and assorted Hells Angels M.C. items with the .45.

Cowboy revolver seized from a San Francisco man
"I’m sure that’s an illegal knife bc and an illegal Mjolnir necklace, and illegal stickers, and patches too," noted one commenter on social media. (Photo: SSFPD)


revolver barrel loading graphic