This weekend marks some of the hottest temps of the year, but it also signals scorching deals from on firearms, accessories, and swag. Whether you’re looking for a new shotgun or a steal on a Certified Used clearance doorbuster, we’ve got you covered. Check out all the deals we have going on this weekend and all of July below!

Scorching Savings on Shotguns

You want shotguns at incredible prices? We got them! Check out our lineup of GForce shotguns that are on sale at a special price for this weekend only. At prices this low, you can buy one for yourself and one for someone you love. Check out all the good deals on Turkish-imported GForce shotguns below!

New Guns, New Deals

We have some great prices on some incredible new guns from some of America’s best manufacturers. From S&W, we have a smoking deal on the M&P 15 Patrol, one of their best-selling AR-15 rifles that millions of American’s trust for personal defense and enjoyable range days. 

From Sig, we have a special-edition San Antonio Police Department commemorative P365. Carry in style and “back the blue” with this limited-edition run.

Finally, we have a really nice Ruger AR-556 package that is great for someone looking for a one-stop-shop AR kit. This guy features a Holosun MRD, Magpul foregrip and sling, and Streamlight flashlight, to name just a few of the extras. 

Some Used Law Enforcement Gems From the Vault

Police trade-in Glock 22s have been selling quickly for us recently. If they are good enough for law enforcement, surely they should be good enough for anyone. These G22s come with two 15-round magazines. They make great options for Glock fans and someone looking for personal protection at a special price this weekend only.

The slim, single-stack Glock 36 was once one of the most-popular carry guns in America. Now you can own one of these LE trade-ins at a steal. Packing 6+1 rounds of the potent .45 ACP, this gun is great for carry use or just as a fun range gun. 

Special 4th of July Deals

We can’t tell you all the good deals we’ll be doing this weekend, so you’ll just have to come back to catch some of our other great offers. What we can say is that we’ll be offering some extra special pricing on some highly sought-after guns that are sure to make someone happy. Keep checking back with us, especially on the 4th to see the great deals.

Finally, you can start taking 35% off any gun in the warehouse clearance sale, now through 8/31! Happy Fourth of July everyone! May God Bless America!  

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