B&T USA has confirmed that a little brother to the TP9, the .380 ACP-chambered TP380, is headed to the U.S. in a small batch. 

Now the TP380 is not new, having been extensively profiled by Maxim Popenker and others since its debut at the IWA expo in Germany back in 2015. A .380 variant of the TP9 meant for the Latin American market – where civilian ownership of 9mm caliber guns is off the menu – the TP380 is a simple blowback handgun that fires semi-auto-only and from a closed bolt. 

However, B&T apparently never got the licenses to ship them to Latin America, so they just sat on the shelves. Guns without a home. So sad. 

B&T TP9 MP9 platform
B&T has for years sold the MP9 (select-fire SMG/PDW) and TP9 (semi-auto handgun or SBR PCC depending on configuration), and the TP380 can be thought of as a doppelganger but in .380 (AKA 9x17 or 9mm Corto). It is compact, with 80 percent of the gun being polymer, keeping weight to around 3 pounds, and runs just under 12 inches overall in its shortest format. (Photo: B+T)

The fun part of all this is that James Reeves over at TFB confirmed while globetrotting in Switzerland recently that B&T is sending 500 semi-auto TP380s to the U.S.

Complete with a 1/2x28 threaded muzzle, it is set to run around $1,200 when released. Sure, that's two or three times the price of your average .380, but this is not your average .380.


As for B&T USA, they don't have it listed on their website just yet but did acknowledge on social media over the weekend that, "The word is out that the TP9 has a new little brother. Meet the TP380."

revolver barrel loading graphic