has partnered with an upstart giveaway company called to bring you some of the best giveaways and prizes in the business. What makes this partnership truly unique is that the values and core missions of both companies blend together nicely. was founded to help aspiring content creators and small businesses grow and become more financially independent through unique giveaways. But it’s also dedicated to helping those who serve.

What Makes the Giveaways Special?


There are all sorts of cool prizes to win over at, but we think you'll enjoy some of the best from Taran Tactical.

The giveaways are unique in part because there is an entrance fee to take part. While paying money to enter a giveaway may seem unusual, the process actually keeps the entries low and the chances of winning high. 

Plus, everyone who enters gets some sort of swag sent to them, so you always walk away with something whether you win or not. Better yet, not only does each contestant get some sweet swag, they also know that a portion of the proceeds go toward helping veterans and law enforcement officers struggling with mental health issues.

“We’ve made mental health this company's ‘give-back priority’ and have committed a portion of every campaign's proceeds to supporting police officers and military veterans struggling with mental health through our charity, the Stay Safe Foundation,” says company COO Eric Basek, a military reservist and former law enforcement officer.

More About the Stay Safe Foundation

Basek started the Stay Safe Foundation, a New Jersey-based 501c3, because he wanted to give back to the many brave men and women that he has encountered over the years. The foundation is dedicated to healing the scars of PTSD that have impacted so many American service members and first responders. Basek does this through a multi-pronged approach of events, keynote speaking addresses, an apparel company, and community-based fitness.

Basek delivers his book, "Lessons in Cadence," to a Pentagon special response team after speaking to them about PTSD. (Photo: Stay Safe Foundation)

It's one of the core beliefs of the foundation that you can achieve mental fitness through physical fitness. The shared struggle to overcome physically taxing exercises in a group environment creates strong bonds and helps the wounds from PTSD start to heal. While these events are the impactful way Basek has chosen to give back, he hasn’t stopped there. He is the author of “Lessons in Cadence,” a book that explores the tools, tactics, and mindset necessary to overcome the emotional and mental struggle of those affected by PTSD. 

In the book, he interviews five military veterans, four police officers, and former UFC Champion Frank Shamrock about their personal battles with PTSD and how they were able to overcome those struggles. 

In the left-hand photo is Basek (left) with retired army staff sergeant Brendan Ferreira (right). On the right, Ferreira deadlifts 405 pounds at a foundation event. (Photo: Stay Safe Foundation)


Success Through Giveaways and Outreach

Ultimately, now the foundation can grow and help people without financial support, and that is where comes back into the picture. Not only are you going to get some of the best gun giveaways in the industry, but you’ll feel good knowing that you’re helping a good cause while doing so. 

The foundation also takes on the additional task of preparing young men and women to become U.S. Marines. (Photo: Stay Safe Foundation)

Basek has also been blessed to help young men and women as they prepare for the journey to become U.S. Marines. The foundation’s USMC Poolee events have helped over 700 kids from the Garden State become ready to enter service. Not only is Basek helping these future Marines get ready for a life of service, but he is actively recruiting vets to help him in this training. 

The opportunity gives veterans a chance to connect with the next generation of recruits, share their hard-earned experiences, and help a greater cause, which is yet another way the foundation helps veterans in the healing process.

Basek isn't out there just to yell at these kids, he puts in the work, too. Oh, he also hugs his guns tight to ensure the libs won't take them away. (Photo: Stay Safe Foundation)


The Future Is Bright

Ultimately Basek plans to expand the charity so he can help other recruits join rank in cities across the country. To help do this, is partnering with to expand its reach while offering our readers, like you, the best odds of winning a cool new firearm in the process. 

The partnership is a great fit. Helping individual Americans exercise their Second Amendment rights and supporting small businesses are two core missions, which we do every day by supporting our dealer network of thousands of FFLs across the country. 

Supporting a small, veteran-run business like was a no-brainer and a great way to give back to a worthwhile cause. What could be better than that? 

Cover photo: Basek speaks at the Arnold Sports event in 2019, pictured with legendary White House Chef Rush.