Sure, fall finally rolled in last month, but at least that means we get scary movies and ridiculous costumes with Halloween right around the corner. Hopefully, you’re already stashing away a pile of trick-or-treat sweets before the need to make that last-minute dash for whatever’s left on the shelf.

We won’t tell you what candy options are popular this year – not really our specialty, but probably not candy corn. What we can tell you is that gun buyers had a craving for some pretty interesting guns in September. As we rolled into fall, along came our list of end-of-summer firearm favorites. 

Let’s dive into the September numbers and check out what handguns, rifles, and shotguns ended at the top of the list last month.


Well, budget-friendly carry guns were clearly on the top of many people’s minds for September, which is hardly surprising given the current state of things. The affordable but reliable Taurus G2c tied with the Glock 43X to close out the month at the top of our best-sellers list, and the super-affordable and rather unique Tara TM-9 followed just a hair behind. 

That marks the first time the TM-9 has ever made our list, and the same is true for the Springfield Armory 1911 DS Prodigy that rolled in at fourth place. It’s rather refreshing to have a 1911 on the list again. Honestly, this list is one of the bigger shakeups we’ve seen over the year. We’re also happy to note that SIG Sauer’s feature-rich P365 XMACRO pulled in at our final spot, showing there’s still a high interest in the ever-growing P365 line.


Yet again, the trusty M&P Sport II popped up near the top, but Smith & Wesson got bumped by an upstart last month. Flying in out of left – or very east – field was the 9mm Glock-mag-fed AK-style WASR-M. It handily took the number-one spot in its first-ever appearance on our best-sellers list. Again, budget-friendly ruled the day, because this affordable pistol-caliber carbine did offer a low price tag. Also, it’s worth repeating this upstart Glocklishnikov, if you will, takes Glock 9mm mags!

On a more American-made note, SIG Sauer’s M400 ROMEO  had a strong showing in third place with Ruger right behind with its LC Carbine. That latter win is also a promising sign for fans of the 5.7 NATO round, and the list as a whole shows Americans were thinking about carbines in September. On a personal note, it was great to see the newly revived Marlin line stayed on the list for another month to represent lever guns with the 1895 SBL just barely eking out its smaller brother, the 1895 Trapper.


When it comes to zombie guns right before Halloween, you must admit shotguns make it pretty high on the list. It was another easy victory for the very pocket-book-friendly GF3T this month, having more than doubled sales over any other shotgun in September. We’re adult enough to admit this gun was so low priced that it would be a solid impulse buy just in case the T-virus turns out to be a real thing, but the GF3T has been the king of the hill for basically a year now. Our number-two gun, however, is actually a newcomer – the Mossberg 940 Pro Tactical

The gun made a huge splash on our social media pages when we announced it and sold out instantly. That might explain why the Mossberg 940 JM Pro pulled off a surprise fourth place. Folks looking for a fast-shooting scatter gun with a nine-round capacity of 12 gauge to fill a broken heart over sold-out 940 Pro Tacticals would do well to turn to the 940 JM Pro. Henry’s shorty Axe also made the list again last month at number four, and we had a strong return for the third-place spot in the Maverick 99 Security, which took a vacation from the best-sellers club for a few months.

revolver barrel loading graphic