In a move sure to please fans of Daniel Defense’s popular black rifles, the company announced today it is releasing its own line of suppressors. Daniel Defense described its new line of SoundGuard suppressors as coming in hard-use and titanium options.

The Battle Creek, Georgia-based Daniel Defense worked with KGM Technologies to bring the new line of quiet cans to life with particular attention to backpressure reduction. There will be three flavors, namely the SG-556 (.223 Rem/5.56 NATO), SG-30 (.223 Rem – .300 PRC), and SG-30Ti Titanium (.223 Rem – .300 PRC), with the two former options made of steel and the latter lighter/pricier titanium.

“Through years of working with multiple military/law enforcement agencies – as well as consumers – our team pinpointed specific criteria for this family of suppressors,” said President and CEO Marty Daniel. “In addition to the obvious, sound reduction, limiting the amount of toxic gasses, reducing muzzle flash, and accuracy were all critical.”

Daniel Defense SoundGuard Suppressor
The SoundGuard design is meant to move gases forward and away from the shooter while also slashing the flash profile "to virtually zero." (Photo: Daniel Defense)

The design is specifically meant to direct gas forward and eliminate over-gassing to reduce that pesky blowback that can come with suppressing firearms. The inner KGM tech is meant to reduce impulse noise and reduce a firearm’s flash signature “to virtually zero,” which is done with a patent-pending baffle stack and internal coating.

These new Daniel SoundGuard suppressors will feature the standard 1.375-24 UNS thread pitch. That will allow them to fit multiple attachment types, such as Keymo and ASR, and each can will come with a direct-thread adapter. 

Daniel Defense SoundGuard Suppressor
SoundGuard cans will feature the standard 1.375-24 UNS thread pitch and come with a direct-thread adapter. (Photo: Daniel Defense)

Daniel Defense’s name is emblazoned on each can, a stamp the company says means every suppressor comes with a 100-percent satisfaction guarantee. Tagging along on that note about “satisfaction,” the suppressors are also full-auto rated.