News from the Tampa, Florida-based B&T USA should have Glock lovers pleased with the release of the B&T Universal Service Weapon chassis for Glock small-frame pistols this week. B&T announced Thursday that it has an NSN for the new chassis that will help streamline the procurement process.

In an email to, the company noted that it has found a way to make the classic Glock 19 and Glock 17 just a bit more, well, cool and tactical. That's pretty impressive for a gun that has owned its share of the tactical space for several decades.

“B&T USA is a consistent supporter of professional entities worldwide, continually focusing our product development efforts on engineering very specialized items to satisfy these organizations' non-standard requirements — regardless of order volume,” said Chris Mudgett, vice president of marketing for B&T USA. “The USW-G is one such product, offering the user the choice of utilizing their pistol in a traditional manner, or with the press of a button, a folding stock swings into place; greatly improving the platform's stability while also extending the range, accuracy and effectiveness of your handgun to that of a 9mm submachine gun.” 

Compact but low-key awesome, the new tactical option for Glocks from B&T does offer some impressive features. (Photo: B&T)

The new item is designed to enhance the popular Glock 17 and 19 pistols with the standard Gen 3-5 rails. Better yet, there are no extra tool requirements thanks to the spring-loaded folding stock. For added stability, the system includes a non-reciprocating optic bridge that is compatible with Aimpoint ACRO-series micro red-dot sights. Then again, the Picatinny rail section is included for compatibility with other aiming solutions. 

Just to reinforce the point, the USW-G chassis is not a firearm, it is not serialized, and it is sold as an accessory. Those are all positives in our book.

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