Beretta has expanded its A400 series autoloading shotgun line with new models chambered for softer recoiling 20 gauge.  

Debuted in 2016, the A400s blended a Blink gas action system-- capable of allowing four shots in one second in the hands of a practiced user-- with a vent-ribbed Steelium barrel equipped for Optima chokes. This was replaced after 2018 with the A400 Extreme Plus line which used upgraded Steelium Plus barrels with a step rib, and a new Kick-Off mega recoil reduction stock with a soft comb.

Now, the A400 Extreme Plus is available in 20 gauge while still having all the same features hunters liked about its 12 gauge older brother along with options for either an all-black format or guns in Realtree MAX-7, Mossy Oak Bottomland, or Optifade Timber camo patterns.


Beretta 20 Gauge A400 Xtreme Plus
Standard features on the new 20 Gauge A400 Xtreme Plus include an extended charging handle and bolt release, a new style adjustable shim/reversible safety system, a cross-tube piston, and a sight that include a steel mid bead and a front fiber optic along a 7x7 stepped barrel. For better reliability, the series uses an enlarged loading port. (Photos: Beretta)


The company contents that, "Beretta’s signature Kick-Off Mega system combined with a soft comb stock ensures less felt recoil making the A400 Xtreme Plus the softest-shooting waterfowl gun available," while the Steelium Plus barrels provide, "the best patterning possible for all hunting loads, along with further felt recoil mitigation."


Beretta 20 Gauge A400 Xtreme Plus camo options
Besides black, Beretta offers the new 20 gauge in Realtree MAX-7, Mossy Oak Bottomland, and Optifade Timber camo patterns. (Photos: Beretta)


Standard with 28-inch barrels the new A400 20ga Xtreme Plus series have full 3-inch chambers and ship with five Black Edition 20mm extended chokes. The ask is in the $1,900 range.

revolver barrel loading graphic