Featuring a threaded barrel, suppressor-height night sights, and an optic cut for starters, the newest SIG Sauer P320 variant has all the bells and whistles.

Over the past couple of years, SIG has been delivering a growing series of Custom Works P320s using an Alloy XSeries Grip module, or AXG, to provide an all-metal modular pistol for those who are willing to gain a couple of extra ounces for frame rigidity and the more old-school feel over polymer. Such models have included the P320 AXG Equinox, AXG Pro, AXG Classic, and AXG Scorpion. 

The new P320 AXG Combat includes an FDE anodized Carry AXG grip module with an extended magwell under a black Nitron-coated stainless steel slide with a 4.6-inch extended threaded (1/2x28TPI) barrel. Atop the optic-ready slide rides a pair of tall XRAY3 suppressor-height night sights while the fire control unit uses a skeletonized flat trigger. 

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The P320 AXG Combat
The two-tone look, from with the Nitron-treated stainless slide over an FDE grip module, recalls the original P226 Combat from around circa 2008. The slide cut uses a standard footprint which is compatible with the SIG Romeo1 Pro-- the second generation red dot from the Romeo 1 line-- and others such as the Leupold DeltaPoint Pro. (Photos: SIG)


The P320 AXG Combat ships with three 21-round magazines and, as it is a limited edition, includes all the SIG Custom Works bonuses such as an engraved slide, locking hard case, challenge coin, and certified custom certificate.


The new P320 AXG Combat
The total package.  (Photo: SIG)



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