Perhaps the most popular American black rifle maker in terms of volume is now making Gen 3 G19-ish 9mm pistols.

Anderson Manufacturing on Tuesday announced the long-rumored Kiger 9c series pistol, the company's first carry-sized handgun. Compatible with "most" Glock 19 Gen 3 components, the Kiger 9c is a polymer-framed, striker-fired 9mm pistol. The name, Anderson says, is inspired by the Kiger mustang, a strain of wild horse descended largely from animals brought by the Spanish to North America in the 17th century. The equine reference tracks as the Kentucky-based frequently emblazons horse profiles on its AR receivers.

The new Anderson Kiger 9c pistol
The frame of the Anderson Kiger 9c has some serious texture, and a very Anderson-familiar horse profile graces the slide. (Photo: Anderson) 
The new Anderson Kiger 9c pistol
The Kiger 9c uses a stainless steel DLC-coated billet slide and a companion 3.91-inch barrel that gives it an overall length of 7.35 inches. The barrel is also DLC coated and has a recessed target crown. (Photo: Anderson)
The new Anderson Kiger 9c pistol
Weight, unloaded, is listed at 23 ounces. It uses a 15-round double-stack Magpul GL9 G19 equivalent magazine. Note the high undercut trigger guard and the extended beavertail to the grip. (Photo: Anderson)

The company describes the trigger as having "a short, crisp trigger pull" while an integrated, beveled magazine well with improved channel "allows for reliable magazine changes."

“For almost 70 years, Anderson Manufacturing has been a leader in precision manufacturing and innovation,” said Anderson VP, Charles Anderson. “While known for our lower receivers and rifles, we saw an opportunity to apply our unrivaled engineering and technology to a new design and deliver a high-quality, ultra-reliable and value-priced handgun to the market. The Kiger is the next step in our continued commitment to developing exceptional firearms at an affordable price, and we’re proud to offer gun owners a handgun that is 100 percent American-made and 100 percent Anderson.”

The MSRP on the new Anderson Kiger 9c is $429, which is a little higher than some budget Glock 19 clones out there such as Palmetto State Armory's Dagger series. Still, maybe that is just the introductory price, and you'll see a more competitive pricing scheme later. As it appears to use the SCT 19 frame, which only runs $49 retail, there could be some wiggle room there. Either way, it is kind of nice to see Anderson branching out. 

For the record, according to the ATF’s Annual Firearms Manufacturing and Export Report published earlier this year, Anderson produced a whopping 439,559 "miscellaneous" firearms--i.e. lower receivers by themselves-- in 2020, with PSA as a stout runner-up at 289,537. It is the fourth year in a row that Anderson grabbed the top spot. If they can apply that sort of quantity to G19 clones...

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