has been following the October pumpkin-bashing beat for over a decade and, unlike some trends that come and go, folks still love to bring the pain to these festive fall squash. 

First up on this year's list is, naturally, the Hickok45 channel, which has been delivering knock-out blows to pumpkins by all available methods for longer than we have been covering it. 


For a more deliberate look at the ballistic properties of pumpkin flesh, the Guns&Cars channel picked up a whole pallet of the things and invested a lot of time and lead in assessing a wide array of handguns and shotguns against these orange ghouls. 


Speaking of shotguns, West Coast Pews went to work with some scatter-gatts to include a GForce and got some dramatic footage. 

To show that there is a flock of young folks ready to take up the mantle and inherit the heady responsibilities that come with holding back the orange scourge in future decades, Autumn's Armory shows off her skills in pumpkin carving via a Desert Tech Trek-22

Speaking of talented young folks bent on squash shenanigans – with tips from the engineers and staff from the Army's Picatinny Arsenal – the fifth iteration of the Pumpkin Slinging Contest into Lake Picatinny saw a group of local middle and high schools stack their engineering skills by using assorted catapult, trebuchet, and launcher creations to hurl pumpkins into a watery grave.

We've covered the STEM exercise since it kicked off in 2017 and are proud to announce that the students from Sussex County Technical School were able to secure a victory by slinging a pumpkin missile some 525 feet. 

Pumpkin Slinging Contest
Sussex County Technical School students launched a pumpkin 525 feet on their first attempt to take top prize in a battle between high schools over which team could sling pumpkins farthest into Lake Picatinny in the fifth iteration of the Pumpkin Slinging Contest earlier this month. (Photos: U.S. Army)

Finally, and since you have come this far, here is our own pumpkin mayhem video, albeit recycled from October 2020. No matter how hard we tried, we couldn't come up with something this year that topped it. We had a lot of time on our hands that year. 


revolver barrel loading graphic