November has come and gone and that can only mean one thing, too much good turkey and too many good deals have since past. We threw down on some incredible deals that are sure to show in the results and it proved to see Black Friday as one of the busiest days ever for gun sales. Don't worry if you missed that smoking hot Black Friday deal though. We still have you covered with some great stocking stuffers for the perfect last minute holiday gift.

Check out all the best selling guns on in November 2022 below.


We're used to seeing Glock on the top of this list, but an LE trade-in G21? We mentioned some great deals, right? Our Black Friday deal saw those dependable police trade-in guns fly off the shelf, so unfortunately for you that particular batch is gone, but there are still plenty in our Certified Used Collection. In addition to a greal deal on Glocks we also had free shipping on all SIG firearms across the site, which is why you might be seeing the P365 Tac Pac on this list now, though we think that's a pretty good deal anytime. The always dependable and reliable Taurus G2C makes the list again, while the all-new S&W Equalizer rounds out the top 5 for handguns this month. 


Marlin continues to make the list with the Trapper, but it's not the top lever action dog anymore in what may be the biggest surprise of November, with that title now belonging to the Henry Big Boy X for the month. The all-new Ruger SFAR clearly hasn't been disappointing anyone and moves up a spot from last month to claim the crown for number one rifle sold. Did we mention the deals we had? Well, Black Friday saw the budget friendly ATI Omni Hybrid keep selling well, but it's now been joined by an equally impressive deal, the ET Arms Plum Crazy - and yes, you get a 60-round mag. Springfield climbs back into this list, but not with the Hellion, instead sharing the number five spot with the Saint Victor instead.


The deals didn't stop with the shotguns either, though to be fair we've had the best deal around on a tactical shotgun in the GForce GF3T for a minute, so it's no surprise to see it top the list again. On the flip side of an affordable Turkish shotgun is the All-American made Henry Axe, which jumps back onto the list this month to round it out. Sure, it's not technically shotgun, but it looks like a shotgun and talks like a shotgun, so we give it a space here on the list. Of course the other All-American made shotguns that are consistently on this list are the Mossberg Maverick 88 Security and the Keltec KS7. Another budget-friendly Turkish tactical shotgun in the Citadel ATAC 12 fills out the rest of the list.

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